Thursday 19 October 2017 at 8pm

The Life and Times of Jane Austen

Lecturer: Andrew Davies
Location: DESY rooms 4a/4b
, building 1. See map [193 KB]

All are welcome and no registration is required. Entry fee for guests is € 12 and for students € 5.

Lecture Summary

Portrait of Austen (c. 1810) by her sister, Cassan

Jane Austen was only 41 when she died, a not very successful author whose 4 books had received only tepid reviews. Today, however, she is rightly regarded as one of Britain's greatest writers.

Who was the real Jane Austen? What was her family like? How about sister Cassandra? Why do her novels read so well today?

We will explore the life and times of this most intriguing of figures, giving a flavour of her times.

Biography of Lecturer

Andrew is an Extra-Mural Tutor for London, Essex and The Open University and an author of 9 books, including "The East End Nobody Knows" He is also a frequent contributor to radio and television and has lectured all over the world. He organises walks to complement his lectures.

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