What's new at The Arts Society

January 2019

The Arts Society logo

We become The Arts Society Hamburg e.V

With effect from May 2017, BRIDFAS of Hamburg e.V became The Arts Society Hamburg. Our NADFAS head office in London rebranded the entire organisation resulting in a more modern and easily understood name and an attractive logo.

We have a new email address (hamburg@theartssociety.org) and have changed the name of our Facebook page, but the address of this and our website remain the same for now for technical reasons.

Special “birthdays" in 2018

In 2018 The Arts Society Hamburg celebrated its 30th anniversary with an Antiques Roadshow event and dinner, to which all members were invited as well as some special guests.

At the same time the Arts Society celebrated its 50th anniversary and all over the world in all Societies events took place and we arranged a coffee lecture in the Kaffeemuseum Burg in the Speicherstadt Hamburg, complete with guided tour and buffet supper.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of The Arts Society in London, Dr Florian Schweizer, is hoping to raise £50,000 by running one 10 km run at a time in areas where Arts Societies are based. This has included runs in some European countries and after 250 kms and at least 18 different Arts Society locations, he has passed the halfway mark. As at January 2019, he has raised £26,500 and is still running!

July 2018

Our programme for September 2018 - June 2019 is now online