Church Recording progress

Since we last reported in July 2015, work has continued on the different parts of the fabric of the church interior, e.g. silver and metalwork, woodwork, Memorials, furnishings and textiles, lighting, the Organ and the ‘library recorders’.

The library recorders are two people who have been wading through copious files and records stored in the church. Some records are missing from the war years; some records had been transferred to the Consulate and contact will be made with various organisations to see if some of the info can be retrieved or gaps filled in. There is a good record of Chaplains from 1612 – 1955, and then it ends.

Following meetings with the Hamburgische Geschichte Museum over the Church Silver, which is in storage there, the Museum’s German notes have been translated into English. The silver recorders have been studying the hallmarks and background of the silverware, as well as various candlesticks. The Museum is interested in receiving a copy of the Record when it is finished.

Alk Friedrichsen, the Architect who was involved with the renovation of the outside of the Church recently, did an illustrated talk to the Church Recorders on 28 April 2016 entitled “The “Englische Kirche“ at the Zeughausmarkt - a church building in Hamburg in the period of high classicism”.

We are currently without a photographer, so our photographic records are lacking, so if anyone out there is interested in doing this for us, please get in touch.

The Church Recording representative from NADFAS in London plans to come to HH again later in the year to give some more training to the group. NADFAS is upgrading its computer systems and records will all be digitalised in the near future. This means that the beautifully bound Records that follow a Church Recording project will in future be on CD, although it is probable each Church will produce one bound copy for display in the church and we would propose doing this for St Thomas Becket.

June 2016
Pat Pledger, BRIDFAS (

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