Thursday 16 November 2017 at 8 pm

Sheer Folly - British Garden History

Lecturer: Caroline Holmes
Location: DESY rooms 4a/4b , building 1
. See map [193 KB]

All are welcome and no registration is required. Entry fee for guests is € 12 and for students € 5.

Lecture Summary

Wimpole Hall folly

Designed by Sanderson Miller in 1751 (making it an early example of such Gothicism) and probably built in 1772.

A chronological lecture charting the evolution of landscapes and gardens from the sixteenth to twenty-first centuries and their frequent role as settings for follies. We will also look at identifying the hidden symbolism in the designs, sometimes complex, sometimes simple, often amusing, often moral and occasionally sad.

Biography of Lecturer

Caroline lectures for the University of Cambridge ICE (Course Director for International Summer Programme), the Royal Horticultural Society, museums, travel companies and Clio Voyages for francophones. She is a consultant designer specializing in evoking historic, artistic and symbolic references. She is an author of 11 books and her theatre productions include ‘How does your garden grow Mr. Shakespeare’ and ‘Impressionists in their Gardens: living light and colour’. She is a presenter and contributor on television and BBC Radio 4 and 2017 recipient of the Herb Society of America ‘Elizabeth Crisp Rea Award’

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