Saturday 18 February 2017 at 10am

Art Deco - Art of the Jazz Age

Lecturer: Adrian Sumner
Location: DESY Auditorium

Lecture summary

Cover from a 1922 edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald's

John Held, Jr.

Art Deco, the Period Style of the 1920s and 30s, is ravishing, amazingly various, and endlessly fascinating. Evolving from Art Nouveau, it embraced the machine aesthetic of the Great War, Parisienne Modernism, Egyptian African and Oceanic decorative arts, and the emerging jazz culture of the New World. From these, laced with Cubist geometry and Futurist dynamism, a new international style was born; one which could be applied to cinemas and skyscrapers, fashion plates and sofas. This lecture, illustrated with fabulous colour slides, looks at the planes and liners, the jewellery, textiles and frocks, the paintings, posters, pottery, bakelite and iceglass, as well as the remarkable personalities (from Clarice Cliff to Josephine Baker by way of Le Corbusier) that made the Twenties roar and the Thirties a headlong dash into World War Two.

Biography of lecturer

A graduate of Liverpool College of Art, Adrian has worked as an Illustrator, Arts Development Officer and Lecturer in various academic and public institutions. Currently, he is Arts Development Officer for Cheshire West and Chester Council, with a particular interest in Visual Arts.
He has lectured in the History of Art for the University of Liverpool and a variety of groups and societies, to many thousands of people over a period of twenty years. Recent developments have included lecture tours to Paris, Glasgow, Prague , Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Bruges, New York, Madrid, Ekaterinburg, Cologne and many English cities. Specialist subjects include Flemish Art, Mannerism and the Modern Movement.
His painting is figurative and highly detailed, drawing its inspiration from many periods of history and many artistic sources. It aims to entertain, disturb and resonate.

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