Thursday 15 September 2016 at 8pm

Chinamania - the impact of Chinese porcelain on European taste, collecting and display

Lecturer: Jane Gardiner
Location: Amerikazentrum Hamburg e.V, Am Sandtorkai 48, 20457 Hamburg
(Please note that the entrance to the Amerikazentrum is at the back of the building, not the entrance on Sandtorkai)

Lecture Summary

Wucai plate for exportation

Kangxi period circa 1680. Photographed at Musee de Sevres

When the very first Chinese porcelains found their way to Europe, the beauty and fragility of the material led to their being mounted with precious metal and treasured alongside other rare and exotic objects such as ostrich eggs and rock crystal vessels. They were housed in cabinets of curiosities and exchanged as diplomatic gifts between great European rulers. This early and exclusive ownership of Chinese porcelain spread enormously in the 17th century with the opening up of trading routes between Europe and the Far East and led to a widespread fashion for housing and displaying collections of Chinese ‘blue-and-white’ and spawned a whole range of European imitations.
This lecture will examine the enormous and long-lasting influence that these Chinese porcelains had on European taste and culture and the whole history of interior design.

Biography of Lecturer

Jane Gardiner has an MA in History of Art, University of London. She trained at the V&A and continues to lecture there. She was Senior Lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art for 17 years, becoming a Deputy Director of Sotheby's, UK. She has also lectured for the National Trust, the Art Fund, London University, Buckingham University, l'Institut d'Etudes Superieures des Arts in Paris, a private women's college in Saudi Arabia, on cruise ships and at antiques fairs and interior design conferences in America.

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